Saturday, 28 August 2010

MySQL 5.1 Plugins Development Published

MySQL 5.1 Plugins DevelopmentMySQL 5.1 has a great feature which not many people know about, that is the fact it can be extended via. the use of plugins.  Unfortunately how you go about this is not incredibly well documented.  You can search for examples on the internet, dig through the MySQL source code and ask on the forums and you may figure it all out.  But doing all this is time consuming and could easily put someone off. So Sergei Golubchik and I have got together to bring you this book which will show you, using examples, how to write your own plugins.

We start by explaining the UDF API which has been around for a long time, and then move on to Daemon Plugins, Information Schema Plugins, Full-text Search Plugins and Storage Engine Plugins.  Each with usable examples.

MySQL 5.1 Plugins Development has just been published by Packt Publishing and I believe it is well worth a look if you are thinking of extending MySQL.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wordpress and Drizzle

I am a firm believer in practising what you preaching so since I am working in Drizzle my blog should work on Drizzle.

After a few small conversions of table schemas this Wordpress blog is now running on a Drizzle database server!  I will over the next few weeks migrate the rest of the sites I host as well as other server-side things to use drizzle instead of MySQL.

I also suggest watching this space, I will soon be working on a tool to make such migrations much easier.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

LinuxJedi, the new era

I have recently moved on from my roll as a Senior MySQL Support Engineer at Oracle to a Drizzle Developer at Rackspace.  As such my previous blog is now sitting idle so this is the replacement.

This new blog may have much less MySQL Cluster content, but I do hope to continue the same quality (I shall leave you to judge on how high that is!) of blog posts.